Many hard working Oregonians, unemployed for the first time in their adult lives, are turning to micro businesses to provide critical income for themselves and their families.  A micro business is one that takes less than $35,000 to start and typically provides employment for 1-3 people.

Many of these people have never been self-employed before, but bring well developed qualities of common sense and discipline to their effort.  Since they don’t have direct experience overcoming the challenges that typically arise for micro entrepreneurs – how to price their services, how to reach the customers and how to get the cash flowing – they risk losing the precious resources they invest to get started.

Now LBCC’s Small Business Development Center at LBCC has a program just for these first time entrepreneurs.  It’s the three-part MicroEnterprise Program.

MicroBusiness Explore and Commit  (Part I)  Fall Class Schedule
Free introduction sessions will be held Sept. 19th – Corvallis,  Sept. 20th Albany and Sept. 21st – Lebanon).  You must attend an introduction session to enroll in the series. Fee will be on a sliding scale.  Details here…

The first 8 week course, MicroBusiness Explore and Commit, helps you take a look at your business idea from several angles to decide if it’s one that will make you money.

  • You’ll look carefully at your business idea, at what need it fills for your potential customers, how much they might be willing to pay, and who’s your competition.
  • You’ll research where your customers are and how best to reach them with your message.
  • You’ll learn how money flows in a small business; how to track it with straightforward record keeping practices, how much you’ll need to launch and sustain yourself and where you might find cash to get you going.
  • Finally, you’ll learn what risks are typical, what licenses or regulations are required, what legal entity is best for your type of business and how to work with professionals to make sure you have covered all the legal bases as you launch.

Once you’ve looked at your business idea from all those perspectives, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to move ahead.

Launch Prep Workshops  (Part II)
Those who commit to launching can then take a series of hands-on Launch Prep Workshops to help you set up your financial systems, find your customers, plan your marketing strategy and document the business plan that is necessary to obtain funding to get you started.

Launch Your Business (Part III)
Finally, Launch Your Business, is a year-long instructor led, opportunity which meets monthly as a group to take on the topics that that typically arise during the first year of a new business.

Throughout all three programs participants receive free one-on-one business advising.  The SBDC business counselors, all experienced small business owners themselves, are available at no charge, as often as you need them, to help you work through your specific challenges and opportunities.

More Information:
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