Starting the first week in December the BEC will sponsor and host (location TBD) the reinstituted SWOT process that former BEC member John Sechrest ran so successfully over at the Chamber-Coalition. Companies can pitch and get feedback from seasoned industry veterans on their business plan, and meet and network with a group of successful business professionals, many who are local investors. This can be an ask for money but usually it is a “pre-ask” tune up that allows the start-ups to improve their business plan and idea to the point when they do ask, they receive.

For a small up-front fee of $50 for the first session, the start-up team gets at least an hour’s audience.

If the company wants a second or third round, the price goes up to $100 for the second session and $250 for the final round.
Will It Fly? Come to the BEC and find the answer.