The BEC has signed on to become a partner organization of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition. The benefits of reaching out and collaborating with community partners to boost local businesses and startups will ultimately help both organizations fulfill their mission, help local prosperity, and maintain a high quality of life for the community.

Robert Mauger, Volunteer Executive Director for BEC, will be the BEC’s liaison and will co-chair the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition‘s Economic Vitality Action Team. The synergies between BEC’s entrepreneurship expertise and Economic Vitality Team’s vision of Buy Local, Invest Local, and Produce Local can led to a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

The BEC is exploring new ways of helping emerging businesses grow and find funding. The staff and board members are excited to join forces with the Sustainability Coalition‘s broad and diverse range of partners, and look forward to exploring new avenues for achieving local prosperity and meeting community needs while aiming for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.