On April 12th I’m presenting a 1-hour, take action, presentation on social media marketing. The presentation is produced through our partner BoostBizEd, and will be onsite at The BEC, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

We’re calling it, YOUR Social Media Holy Triad–How to Determine the Best Social Media Marketing Combo for YOUR Business . It’s intended as a simple, no-nonsense lesson that will get you started in powerfully reaching your audience in the cloud.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck out of that event (REGISTER HERE), we’ll take a journey into today’s wild, wonderful world of social media.

  • Our Journey starts by introducing you to the types, or categories, of social media we now have in the cloud. You’ll find that post at the end of this introduction. This will give you a solid foundation in knowing what’s out there for you to use in your marketing efforts.
  • Next week’s segment takes you to Pew Research Center’s latest research report on social media use published earlier this year. This is a dive into understanding WHO uses WHAT out there.
  • And in the week leading into the presentation, the final segment introduces you to creating your first Customer Persona for your specific business. That one comes with homework.

I PROMISE, if you don’t read the series before the presentation, no worries, you WILL walk away with a new understanding and new tools to empower you in charting your own path to social media success. GO HERE TO REGISTER.

And, IF YOU DO follow along over the next 3 weeks, you can walk away with a first draft of your social media marketing plan!

Ready? Here we go!


Let’s get to the first juicy bit, the types of social media. In reality there are hundreds of different social media platforms. Most of us are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Then there are those you may be less familiar with like Polyvore, Houzz and Taskrabbit, among many, many others.

And that’s just the English-language sites.

A recent article on Hootsuite, 10 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business, written by Curtis Foreman, explores social media in 10 categories. And he’s looking at it from the perspective of intent of the users, i.e. “what people hope to accomplish by using them.”


…be prepared to spend some time with the article – it is 9 pages long. The content is clear, concise, well organized, and introduced me to parts of the online world I was not even aware of! When starting to create a social media strategy for a project, I can get overwhelmed with the myriad of platform choices. Just seeing the 10 categories of social media sites was a revelation–that gem alone gave me a first radical cut at organizing my thinking. Additionally, the post links to other resources to aid you in your planning and execution of your social media strategy. EVERY MOMENT I SPENT reading and considering the information laid out in the 9 pages was worth it.

As you read through Curtis’ article, TAKE NOTES to begin your exploration and understanding of the landscape and panorama of our online social world.

Register to attend the presentation. Go to https://boostbized.com/events/your-social-media-holy-triad/

TIP: Arrive at 4:00 p.m. to meet-n-greet other entrepreneurs in our area. The presentation itself begins at 4:30, and…

Until next week, keep moving ahead one bold step at a time!