Welcome! Let me say how excited we are at the Business Enterprise Center to announce the launch of our new blog, called The Road Ahead. A blog dedicated to you entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners in the Mid-Willamette Valley entrepreneur ecosystem and beyond. 

Our plan is to release a new blog posting twice a month. Blog writers will come from a variety of experts from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. There will be ample opportunity to share your thoughts by leaving comments. Topic areas include: 

  1. Stories and inspiration forentrepreneurs.
  2. Practicalbusinessinformation and tips. 
  3. Insights and observations on the local Mid-Willamette Valley entrepreneur ecosystem.

The BEC is a non-profit business incubator that exists to help you achieve your goals of a launching and growing a successful business. We have the resources to find what you need, grow faster, and connect. Our website is a good starting point or you can contact us directly. Oh yeah, we are located downtown Corvallis, Oregon. 

Once again, welcome to the BEC’s The Road Ahead blog, bringing valuable, actionable information to entrepreneurs and local economic development. 



Business Enterprise Center, President of the Board  


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