Harness the power of creating a Customer Persona to represent members in your marketplace.

This is article 3 in a series of 3 about choosing the BEST social media mix for your business. Post 1 concerned the TYPES of Social Media available to you. Post 2 took you inside the statistics of WHO visits WHERE in the Social Media Realm. This week we’re taking a look at Who is Your Ideal Customer by creating a customer persona.

The top priority for any business is to establish, nurture and sustain long-term relationships with the people in its target market.

Wondering how to do that? A first, solid step, is to create a Customer Persona – you can invent a person, with a name, family, background, et al – a “fictional” character that represents your most desired customer.

NOTE—creating a persona DOES NOT EXCLUDE the variety of folks who populate your marketplace. Rather it gives you an opportunity to “speak” to an individual who is most likely to be interested in and purchase whatever you are selling.

Start with one likely profile. Here’s an example with me as the perfect customer for our organization, the BEC…

Customer Persona - Executive and Entrepreneur

What to do with your Customer Persona

The purpose behind a Persona is to be able to communicate effectively with an individual.

Create your communications FOR and TO and WITH that individual—adverts, fundraising letters, commercials, social media tweets and posts, blog posts, and any other form of communication you intend to include in your impending “campaign.”

Test these communications on a handful of folks who are most representative of the Persona you created BEFORE launching them out into the world. Keep what works, evolve what mostly works and eliminate any bit that fails to communicate clearly. Rewrite. Redesign. Proof. Distribute.

When you have been successful with your first persona, then it’s time to think of another ideal customer, and do the process all over again.

Here are two online resources to get you started with creating personas:

Xtensio Living Presentations and Documents: https://xtensio.com/

Hubspot’s Make My Persona: http://www.makemypersona.com/

Take a stab at creating a persona for your ideal customer, then JOIN ME this Thursday, April 12 for my presentation YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA HOLY TRIAD.

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Until Thursday, enjoy these resources!