The BEC is offering 20-30 minute, focused, one-on-one mentoring & advising sessions to budding entrepreneurs exploring the benefits of being supported by seasoned advisers.
Here’s how to get set-up with a BEC mentor:
TO BE SIGNED UP WITH AN ADVISOR, you must have with you one of the following documents:
  1. Your elevator pitch ready to orient the mentor to your business, and
  2. Have one critical question or need identified to explore during the session.

BUSINESS STILL A CONCEPT? If your business is not launched and is still in the concept phase, attend the Un-conference Biz Brainstorm session in the conference room*.
There you can:
  • Learn what it takes to launch your own enterprise and grow it,
  • Explore what you can do to flesh out or level-up your ideas,
  • Identify what actionable next-step to take to get you closer to launching a viable business.

*(The session will be recorded for educational purposes and will not be shared will anyone outside of the BEC.)

Fillable Business Model Canvas .PDF (click link below to download fillable .pdf document)

Business Model Canvas Prompts version (non-interactive image only) – includes questions for each section of the canvas to guide you in creating your business model.

CLICK on the image above to download the Full Size image