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We effectively accelerate the conversion of innovation and ideas into profitable businesses.

BEC Mission Statement

Our goal is to strengthen our local economy by nurturing entrepreneurs so that they become financially viable and free standing.

BEC’s Impact

The Business Enterprise Center (BEC), a regional business accelerator, was created in 1988 through a grant from the Oregon State Lottery as a part of the regional strategies program administered by the State of Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.

The most successful incubator in the state outside of the Portland metropolitan area, the BEC has nearly a 30 year history of job creation through business counseling, training, support and assistance to over 160 companies. Its 76% graduation rate approaches that of the 80% metric established by the National Business Incubator Association.
See the impact on the local economy from just one BEC graduate.

The BEC offers a high tech focus for technology transfer and commercialization of innovation close to OSU, Hewlett Packard, and ONAMI.   Additionally, its focus on cluster development in bio-fuels, energy efficiency, open source software, and nano-technology serves as a nexus for job creation. The BEC is a good example of organic, grass-root economic development.

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