Entrepreneur in Residence, OSU

Bill currently holds a Courtesy Faculty position in the College of Engineering at Oregon State University. This assignment has him collaborating with the OSU Commercialization Program where he manages a research team as Entrepreneur in Residence.

Interest in the BEC came about when Bill was considering international trade between the USA and Vietnam and was looking for a place to call home for a business. He launched a Acewl Company from the BEC’s site on Research Way then became the first client company at the Airport Avenue location.  The company was a technical consulting business in the area of supplier development and process control as well as representative of a precision machining company in Michigan.

Community service and assisting others has Bill busy in his spare time. He currently serves on the BEC board, since 2007, serves as Corvallis Airport Commissioner, since late 2008 and is Board Member of the Vietnam Friendship Village – US Committee, since 2003. Bill is also a member of the BEC’s Operations Committee and BEC client advisor.

Bill had a successful career at Hewlett Packard spanning 3 decades beginning in Palo Alto, California with involvement with the HP-35, with responsibility  for quality of the plastic components. He was one of the first employees with Advance Products Division to transfer to Corvallis for the startup of the Corvallis Division in late 1976. During his time with HP, Bill developed and managed material characterization capabilities for calculators, portable computers and high volume print cartridges. His understanding of component critical to function part characteristics allowed HP to push measurement and test upstream to the supplier who then took responsibility of part quality. Prior to early retirement in 2002 as a Materials Quality Engineer, Bill assisted HP’s world wide sites in qualifying local sources that ultimately took responsibility of component quality.

Prior to HP, Bill served in the US Army and did a combat tour of duty in Vietnam with the First Aviation Brigade assigned to Apache Troop, 7th Armored Squadron 1st air Cavalry.