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Waterdrop Technologies, Inc.

The BEC would like to thank Waterdrop Technologies, Inc for its support. Waterdrop Technologies is the creator of an integrated solution that accelerates sales and installation activities for in-the-field personnel, including...

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Orange Software, LLC

A big thank you to Jesse Chaney, owner of Orange Software, LLC,  for setting up the internet network in the BEC’s new downtown location.  Jesse volunteered his time and equipment to ensure that the BEC businesses have a...

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NuScale Power, Inc.

The BEC wishes to thank NuScale Power, for its support. NuScale has developed a small nuclear power system that is safe, modular and scalable.  The technology was borne of research by leading nuclear scientists with the support...

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Starker Forests

The BEC wishes to thank Starker Forests for their support. Starker Forest’s Mission Statement: Starker Forests, Inc. owns, grows, and manages forests and will continue to be unrivaled in terms of forest resource...

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Samaritan Health Services

The BEC thanks Samaritan Health Services for its support. Building Healthier Communities Together Samaritan Health Services serves the close-knit Oregon communities of the mid-Willamette Valley and central Oregon Coast. Our...

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Citizens Bank

Appreciation to Citizens Bank for supporting job creation. Since our founding in 1957, Citizens Bank has become one of the most successful and stable community banks in the country. While many things have changed since then, we...

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Consumers Power, Inc.

The BEC thanks Consumers Power, Inc. for its continuing support. Consumers Power, Inc. is a privately owned nonprofit rural electric cooperative serving 17,426 members in parts of six counties in Oregon: Benton, Lincoln, Lane,...

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Barker-Uerlings Insurance

‘Thank you, Barker-Uerlings Insurance for your continued support! Barker-Uerlings Insurance has been providing outstanding insurance services to individuals and businesses since 1911. We are a full service agency with a...

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Jeanne Smith & Associates

The Business Enterprise Center wishes to thank Jeanne Smith & Associates Attorneys and Counselors at Law for unwavering support over many years. Jeanne Smith & Associates is dedicated to giving you straightforward,...

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