The BEC staff and Board of Directors filter prospective clients through the application process.

Applicants may receive help through the incubator planning services. These services help the applicant compose their proposal in accordance with the Operations Model; it also helps the Board of Directors assess the applicant’s legal, business, marketing and funding activities for viability.

The application includes an “idea resume”, which outlines the applicant’s goals, plans, hypothesis, and theories of establishing a business. Clients must also submit a business plan to the Board of Directors within the first six months of enlistment.

The BEC requires its clients to establish an Advisory Committee to advise and assist in expanding and growing the business.  The Advisory Committee will review the company business plan, meet at least quarterly and review quarterly financial reports of the business.  If requested, the Center Board members will assist in finding Advisory Committee members.

The Advisory Committee does not have decision making authority with the business; their role is solely advisory.

Prospective business owners may apply for membership by contacting the Business Enterprise Staff at 541-758-4009 or emailing

Click on a link below to view or download the required applications.
• Idea Resume: Word DOC or PDF
• Application Short Form: Word DOC or PDF